Great tips for Starting A Web Hosting Company

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Great tips for Starting A Web Hosting Company

Postby wikinaira » Fri May 01, 2015 12:01 pm

Starting a web hosting company could in fact be so much fun , and also exciting as well . To me , the troubles make it fun , and I clearly love running my webhosting company , HostAlhaji . Here are various guide that I’ve realized , that I’ll reveal to other webhost owners , and also ones that may be interested in setting up a web hosting company . I later sold my domain hostalhaji on Flippa , I will keep my reason on another thread ,

First of all , I’ll start off with a phrase that I learned from a book I read :

Your Money = HARD WORK + TIME

Exactly what that means , is that it’ll take on a lot of work and time for you to become successful in webhosting . I recommend that you don’t invest any money on advertising ( just yet ) . The basis for this is , you’ll be putting more money into your online business than you are getting out of it . The fundamental key to web hosting is patience , and certainly , I’ll admit , I’ve tried my hardest to stay composed , and I’ve been more productive .

Free Hosting

Don’t offer many free hosting accounts . Basically , people seeking free web hosting don’t have the money to get hosting , and they won’t pay if you all of a sudden bill them . Not in this Nigeria , You can offer free accounts , be sure that you mind your resources . You don’t want a free client to make use of 25% of your entire disk space , do you ? Ensure you are putting the proper constraints in place . Also be Quite sure you will be dealing with load of spam from guys hosting fake bank , Fake shipping , Mailer and Other Script for Fraud and other malicious Activities when you are open to Free Hosting .

Billing Software

Whether it be WHMCS , ClientExec , Blesta ,  or otherwise , ensure that you make the right choice . For many who constantly change from software programs to another software applications , you’ll technically show that you may be “unstable” , and you would have clients curious as to why you are doing constant changes .

Listen to your Clients

One criteria to being successful in my perspective , is to take time to pay attention to your customers . Open a message board , email your clients , and find out their opinions on how to improve and make them happy , as well as you . Don’t change back and forth all of the time , but try to listen to your customer base , and see their input .

Care for your Customers

The motive is , if you care for your customers , more will generally show up . This includes support ticket response time for those who have a ticketing system in place . My basic rule , is to try to answer all support tickets within twenty four hours .

Purchase SSL

SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer , which is usually represented by a padlock when you pay a visit to a website .It is a monthly expense , but , it’ll prove that you care about your customers security , and it allows them a risk-free way to make payments , making everybody safe !

Use a Server That is Perfect for you and Your Clients

Within my eyes , the speed that your main webhosting site loads , will reflect on your guests and prospective clients . If you were to visit a host with a slower website , would you choose to host with them ? Make sure that you find a server whose specifications suit your needs . If you have overselling turned on , be sure to keep a close look on your resources . Higher uptimes will keep your subscribers happy , and will generate more reviews , which increase your guest to client ratio .

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Re: Great tips for Starting A Web Hosting Company

Postby personpikin » Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:21 pm


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