5 Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Website Bounce Rate

Postby wikinaira » Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:44 pm

source : http://www.roviarsguide.com/website-design/how-to-reduce-your-website-bounce-rate

Are you worried about the number of visitors to your site? Are you looking for ways to make your customers or visitors stay longer?
These questions are important because they determine whether you have a low, medium or high bounce rate on your website.

But what does your website’s bounce rate really mean?

A definition provided by Google, on its website, states: … “The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that access only one page before leaving the site. Several factors contribute to bounce rate. Example: visitors can get stuck with your web design if it has usability problems. Visitors can also leave your site after viewing one page if they have found their desired information.Therefore, they may not be interested in visiting other pages. ”

You get the picture right? Therefore, in this post, i will give you 5 useful tips to optimize your web browsing, increase customer navigability and reduce the bounce rate of your website!

1.Update the content

If your site has been published for more than 3-5 years , a good strategy is to review the old articles or post, then update of the content and consider even removing the comments present.
Depending on the category a content may expire fast depending on recent trends, so when readers click on the content and realize that is already outdated, they leave the page.
Things can be even worse! Customers may not return to your web thinking it’s not worth reading your content. Do not fret… there are ways to improve your website in this regard:

Update the article’s contents and statistics(if It includes case studies)
Find new ways of writing on topics with a different view from the previous article you are updating.
Describe your observations intelligently
Make your content simple and accessible to visitors

2. Learn to read and understand analytic figures from your site

This tip may even be considered even more important than the first! After all, if you can read and interpret the figures, as you can improve it? To do this we recommend that you familiarize yourself with your bounce rates or the market or niche on which your website thrives, you may even think about changing your website. However, it is important to note that a high or low bounce rate is not necessarily an indicator of success or failure!
3. Adjust your Ad-words campaigns

Often, a high bounce rate can be linked to a Google Ad-words campaign that was created incorrectly. If the campaigns are not 100% relevant and not related to the customer with the exact product or service they are looking for probably, the lowest percentage will be recorded; Even if your company is investing a large sum with Ad-words! So it is best to to choose relevant keywords, accurate and specific terms of your business, product and / or service.
When Google Ad-words campaigns are created they must be correctly specified for a product or market or niche,this increases the ability of your site to acquire relevant visitors who will spend more time surfing and reading your the contents.
4. Write a review of keywords on your website

As time passes, some of the market trends change, and this thereby changes the popularity of the websites that were considered relevant with content and keywords. the keywords that attract visitors to your site Should be taken into account. With this information, your site must be constantly updated including keywords that customers use to reach your site.
5.Create a new design for your homepage

The main task of a website is to show visitors “what they want” and encourage them to interact with the content.
Your website should never be too confusing as this might scare the visitor. You need to find a balance between images, text and graphics, make sure your site navigation follows a logical pattern and is easy to understand. If in doubt about the quality of some version perform an A / B test to show the two versions of your site and compare the results to see which has better public acceptance.
Stay on top of what’s happening in the digital world and track new trends in Internet, so you can always improve your website according to what happens around you. The virtual environment is constantly changing and there will always be ways to improve and optimize your website, increase traffic, conversion rates and revenue and even improved bounce rate!

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source : http://www.roviarsguide.com/website-design/how-to-reduce-your-website-bounce-rate

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