Would you use social media if you didn't have to?

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Would you use social media if you didn't have to?

Postby tola » Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:46 am

Inbound's witty Wordsmith Brian Lenney just deleted his LinkedIn account. Here's why.

"LinkedIn has never given me any value personally.

I'm in my 30's and although I've heard from EVERYONE that LinkedIn is the next big thing in 2015, the only "thing" I EVER got from it in 12 years is ONE GUY who wanted me to work for free.

I guess if you're into insurance selling or Chamber of Commerce type stuff, LinkedIn might be useful, but it's been 100% irrelevant for and to me.

Now I know the haters will chime in here saying I wasn't "using it right" but I optimized the shit out of it, joined 2080 groups, posted articles, shared stuff, commented and really did try.

The result....crickets. Nothing. So today, I stood with millions of others across the globe who were tricked into signing up for LinkedIn and deactivated my account.

No more 873082 emails, guys wanting me to work for free, or endless self-promotion...just a clean inbox from here on out (until the next social network comes along)."

Brian inspired me to deactivate my Facebook account.

Here's two good articles that I agree with on why Facebook sucks and is a waste of time.

So please do tell us -- is it us or them?! Would you use social media if your job didn't require it?

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