6 Ways to Initiate Sex

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6 Ways to Initiate Sex

Postby wikinaira » Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:50 am


Are you married? Then, this article is for you. Here’s how to actually do it, and make it filled with awesomeness

1. Be Demanding
Grab your man and tell him what you want. Tell your partner to get on their knees, climb on top, or strip naked in the kitchen. Not only does this give him a clear guide of what to do, it gives you exactly what you have a hankering for.

2. Take It to Text
Send your man a text when you know he’s wrapping up for the day to give him a taste of what’s to come. You can do it with words (“Come find me when you get home. I’ll be in the bedroom…;).

3. Drop Some (Totally Obvious) Hints
Leave a sexy prop, like the vibe you like to use together or warminglube, on his pillow to signal your interest. If he asks you about it, just wink…and then go for it.

4. Dress the Part
Slip lacy or fishnet thigh highs under your normal clothes and give your guy a peek. You can either do this before you leave the house to draw things out or cash in your chips right away.

5. Play Masseuse
The whole massage/happy ending thing is a fantasy for a lot of guys, so play it out at home. Offer to give your guy a rubdown, and then slooowly work your way south until you end up massaging his inner thighs. You’ve got it from there.

6. Take Your Kissing Down South
Sure, you always give him a kiss when you meet up at home after work and zzz… Kick it up a notch by reaching down and brushing your fingers against his inner thighs. The key is to be gentle here, which is way hotter for both of you than simply grabbing a handful of his junk.

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