How To Feast At Christmas Even in Recession

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How To Feast At Christmas Even in Recession

Postby yemzzy02 » Thu Dec 15, 2016 10:29 am

So the economy no dey smile. No one dey show say na festive season dey, even the banger and xmas lights dem dey scanty. I no see fowl for roads and streets, people no dey hang their 'merry xmas' decors for doors. The loud xmas lightings is lacking and we are all moody and grumpy.
But come to think of it, do we really want this period to dull us? Seriously, who says we can't feast even with the present economy of the nation. It is not as if we want to kill a cow and feed the whole street, right?
It is Christmas, people!!! There are some festive food and snacks that can grace our tables without us breaking the bank. These recipes are common and quite versatile and can be adapted to suit any budget.
Here goes:
We always run to rice dishes at this period but our swallows are quite popular too amongst come caucus. The only thing is to ensure that there are enough meat and fish in the soups to go round, a serving is a-okay.
We can do the everyday white rice and stew. Your family and guests will thank you for going the extra mile to prepare something special for them especially if you add a zing of lemon. Cook the rice plain and serve with Beef & Chicken Stew. You don't have to go all out to add the side dishes like Fried Plantain, Peppered Gizzards, Nigerian Stir-fry or Nigerian Moi Moi. If you can, why not though? Instead of all, add one or two. The moimoi can be elemi kan instead of mejo.
the Yoruba's will understand
And yes, the almighty jollof rice.
Jollof Rice is also served during the festive season and other occassions too. The condiments can be modified to suit your budget too. I even think it is more economical than the white rice. With a few grilled and peppered fishes, we are on point.
And if we must, the fried rice can come join the feast.
You can serve with all the side dishes mentioned under white Rice, if you can afford it. But if not, stir fry beef cuts with tomato and onion and serve it.
Now, for those of us that are all in for some dessert, the meat Pie with a twist is perfect for this occasion. The twist is to substitute the canned beef for mashed beef as made by you. How? I'll teach you some other day...
And the Chin Chin, wow, even better!!
This is the snack for your guests to munch on while the main meal is being prepared or has been devoured.
Make a lot of this so you can serve it even after the Christmas day.
If you like it oily, why not try the puffpuff? When done right, guests won't even notice that the main dish is not really a full plate.
It is so tasty and easy to eat and can help your overall celebration feast if enough is prepared.
There you go!!
For flavour, make a platter of fruits and stick toothpick into it to even add more beauty to your table.
And last last do stick meat and lots of fruit juice.

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