Nigerian Muslim Woman Cries Out After Her Fiance was Snatched from Her by a Friend

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Nigerian Muslim Woman Cries Out After Her Fiance was Snatched from Her by a Friend

Postby hunter » Sat Mar 25, 2017 2:45 am

The saying that 'not everyone that comes close to you is a friend' can be said to be true in the case of a Nigerian woman who is bleeding after her close friend allegedly snatched the man she was in love with and is now about to marry him.

The Nigerian woman by name Aisha Laah who couldn't stomach the betrayal anymore told about the story on her Instagram page writing:
"Oh life! This is my close friend Farida Bashir Ikara @fareeluv whom is getting married to the man I am supposed to get married to Junaidu Usman Abubakar @junaidu2011, a friend whom I trusted with the whole my heart, doing all the preparations of my wedding together and now she's has betrayed me.
"Turns out she's getting married to him on 25/03/17. Allah You are my strength, so I leave everything to You to fight for me.And I know for sure what is coming is better than what is [email protected]_habiscuss @velvet."


The shocking betrayal has left many people shocked. But, the heartbroken lady has decided to leave everything to God.
One of her friends while consoling her wrote: "Hi dear, it has happened. Cry all you want but after that move on. Do du'as and nafilas for God to give you peace of mind. I saw pictures of you and dad. Have fun with your family members, laughter is a good medicine. Watch movies, comedies (like bushkiddo on instagram) dance in your bedroom and be thankful that you are alive and better days are ahead. God bless you, Ehugs."

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