How cannabis damages the brain

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How cannabis damages the brain

Postby wikinaira » Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:29 am


New research by Japan’s Osaka University has identified how cannabis can damage brain circuits to cause significant long-term effects. It explains that as our brains develop, we form neural circuits which hold our short-term memory.

As it gains progress, it pushes out needless projections, leaving only correct systematic connections in the circuit. These circuits allow us to retrieve recent information such as where you left your keys or what someone just said. They also act as a foundation for long-term memory.

New study reveals that marijuana unnecessarily trims the connections that form these circuits, leading to gaps.

Though the findings is small but offer significant insight into how cannabis could affect the brain long-term. It will also assist researchers exploring dementia and brain damage.

Majorly, the most outstanding outcome of the research was its detailed map of a brain pathway that has, until now, remained elusive.

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