6 Fabulous Corporate Outfits You Can Rock On Weekdays

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6 Fabulous Corporate Outfits You Can Rock On Weekdays

Postby wikinaira » Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:29 am

It used to be that the arrays of corporate outfit would be grey's and blacks and a spray of white but this days some offices allow a bit of color in the mix. Now for your corporate styles its only ideal that you dress in accordance to the rules of your organisation but notwithstanding you can get inspired from the array of corporate styles that we've brought below. Check out this weekday corporate styles that you can adopt;
Black + Grey
I know I said your corporate outfit doesn't have to be black nor grey, but you've got to admit when it is well combined it makes one hell of a look. Therefore we suggest you go with a short sleeve body fitted top, tuck paired with a high waist flare skirt and finish off with black and white monochrome accessories.

Black + Red
Just because its your place of work doesn't mean you can't look alive. The color red is known to be powerful and fierce so wearing a lace dress with a cool blazer and heels is our idea for a fiery look.


Blue + Monochrome
How do you look when you are pairing a blouse and a skirt? Am sure the answer is incredible, but on a lighter note, pairing a monochrome top with a calve length pleat detailed straight skirt can liven up the environment around you.

Pink + White
You can look modest and pretty chic at the same time, you could also add powerful to the mix of things that a fabulous pink power suit (pant suit) would give to you

Blue + Orange Red
The brilliance of this two colors combined can make you think twice before wearing the mix to work, but know that the fabric you chose to combine also have a say in the look. Pairing a denim shirt with a red orange skirt is a warmer mix than you anticipated.

Folake Kuye
Stripe Blue + Yellow
There are days that you need to step it up a notch, when that day comes and you still want to look work appropriate you can rock a stripe shirt with a cord lace skirt. This mix is brilliant, warm and absolutely appropriate for work.

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