10 eyebrows from hell

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10 eyebrows from hell

Postby wikinaira » Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:36 am


Getting eyebrows done has become an art, but some still don’t get that
We all hear all the fuss about eyebrows and how it has to always be ‘on fleek’. Nigerian men love to hit the eyebrow joke, and it’s a catchy one liner that gets everyone in the vicinity laughing, all except the wearer.

Still, one will find a few eyebrows that leave every beholder of it speechless … and not in a good way whatsoever.

Here are 10 ‘killer’ eyebrows. Warning, the following eyebrows may cause nausea, headache and severe cringing.

1. What was she thinking?
What was she thinking?

2. Whose sister is this?
Please never go out looking like this

3. Someone’s bae
Her blonde hair and the two lines above her eyes ‘go so well’ together

4. Seems she ran out of make-up?

Where does one even start

5. Some just draw the brows out of frustration

MUAs nationwide will be shedding tears

6. Making it obvious you drew them on isn’t the point

Don’t be Miss Obvious

7. Great smile but the brows are apart by miles
Why are they so far apart?

8. This person will claim she owns a mirror

Crooked I(brow)

9. In her mind, the look is sultry

Why so thick?!

10. When you really can’t be bothered

Straight outta… here
Next time when you see a sister with pretty, well groomed eyebrows, please let her know she’s slaying!


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