8 most RIDICULOUS styles people will never wear in public

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8 most RIDICULOUS styles people will never wear in public

Postby wikinaira » Fri Oct 07, 2016 7:55 pm

Modern fashion is taking a new turn and ones needs be careful what they let influence their style. Fashion shows should get people informed and possibly be inspired on the latest fashion.

Fashion designers are inspired by various things. While some of their designs change the world of fashion and inspire emerging designers others are questionable. We have compiled some of the designs that a lot of people will find hard to relate with or makes sense of.

These are eight of the most ridiculous fashion ever.

1. Faces

Multiple faces

Whatever inspired this design must come from a place beyond earth. Maybe the message is wrapped around multiple faces- multiple personalities or maybe the designer just wanted to scare his audience. We are sure no one will wear this to work or a party though.

2. Ghost look

Scary white faces

Why is the bottom face slightly smiling? Creepy AF!

3. Wood frontal

Can he even see?

Who can wear this out of their house?

4. Blue mask

Mask lady
Maybe the target audience of this outfit is lady gaga, otherwise we don’t see it leaving the show glass it will be displayed in.

5. Multicoloured


Would make for a very funky party decoration.

6. Tape worm

White and black tape worm

Pretty sure Nigerian police can wear this as bullet proof jumpsuit.

7. Rainbow bubble

Bubble dress

Whatever you do, don’t poke the bubble lady.

8. Googly guy

Human party decoration

Modern day party clown.

Be honest, will you wear any of this out?

Source: naij

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